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Whether you're looking to improve user experience, drive growth or optimise your product, we're here to help. Discover our tailor-made solutions for UX design, growth hacking and product optimisation or contact us to discuss your project.

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Insight IQ

≈8-12 weeks

Understand my users and make better decisions

Discover your users and build effective strategies

Explore your users' needs and behaviors in detail using UX research and strategy! We gather and analyze information, conduct interviews, surveys and tests... Then, with the data in hand, we develop a winning product strategy, aligned with your goals. Get actionable insights about your users so you can make better, smarter decisions.

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Brand Booster

≈6-9 weeks

Elevate my brand identity

Making your brand stand out

Whatever you're launching or refreshing your brand, we'll work on your unique positioning, reflecting your values and history, so that your brand stands out in the market. You'll give your users a seamless experience from web to print with a memorable logo, a consistent visual identity and a detailed style guide. With Brand Booster, give your brand a unique and differentiating identity!

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Design Forge

≈ 8-12 weeks

Designing the perfect user experience

Crafting exceptional User Experiences

Create the ultimate user experience through human-centred design. Through iterative, collaborative phases, together we design fluid, intuitive user paths and simple, aesthetic interfaces that boost loyalty to your product and your brand. From ideation, through prototyping and testing, to UX/UI design, with Design Forge you're set to deliver the best user experience.

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Impact Accelerator

≈ 4-6 months

Accelerate my growth

UX Growth Hack for your success

Designed to drive your business growth, it focuses on UX design combined with growth hacking techniques that offer continuous monitoring, A/B testing and improvement. From conception to launch, we monitor user behaviour, analyse data and iterate to achieve optimal results.

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Based in France, our agency specializes in UX/UI and product design. We help companies and teams to design, innovate & launch digital products. Book a free UX consultation to discover how we can help your business.

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