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Pernod Ricard
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Watèa by Michelin
DS Smith
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Les Mousquetaires


What our clients say about us

A blend of human qualities, expertise, intelligence, availability, high production capacity, quality, good humor and charisma! I forgot: resolutely Customer Centric, performance-oriented and capable of leading any team to success! Kristina is a pleasure to work with!

thibaut de tortier, ceo keen advice

Kristina / Sérieux supports the Subskill agency in the creation and redesign of complex websites requiring an ultra-specialised UX approach. Her power of immersion and reflection, combined with her impressive production capacity, make Kristina an invaluable partner: don't say "I don't know her", say "I want to know her"!

gérald rougerie, CEO subskill

Are you looking for someone to take your company into a new dimension in terms of product design? Look no further, she's right here.

antoine voland-logerais, fondateur caruu

Kristina modernised my spliik project. Following a constructive discussion about my expectations, she proposed a new presentation. She was able to convey the emotions and values of the company's culture through her choice of colours and graphics. Kristina was able to strike a powerful balance between creativity and professionalism to sell my concept. Thanks to her, spliik is visually ahead of its time.

louis masurel, spliik

A true performance accelerator! Kristina has a wide range of skills that are essential to the success of digital projects. Kristina has been able to advise us, get us to think things through and sometimes even challenge us on our direction, all with humility and with an understanding of our business and our sector. We work with Kristina with complete confidence and the projects, which have always been successful, have always been carried out in a professional atmosphere with a strong dose of good humour! Even though we've had to ask her to do some work in a timeframe that was hard to keep up with! Thank you Kristina!

françois banse, Directeur Digital et Marketing Opérationnel kpark

The agency brings together some rare qualities: it understands its customers' needs and provides them with judicious solutions. Her work is always pixel-perfect and delivered on time, even when deadlines are tight. Working with her will make you realise what a professional designer is all about.

François Goldgewicht, pictarine

Without a doubt, Kristina is one of the friendliest, most responsive and talented designers I know, and working with her is always a real pleasure!

Serge alleyne, Shipfix

Kristina is an outstanding UI and UX designer. She is smart, dedicated and always comes up with distinctive designs. Her iterative approach fitted perfectly in our workflow and we are extremely pleased with the results. I would happily work with Kristina again.

pierre bonnais, Cto

I'd highly recommend Kristina, with whom I've worked on a number of projects over the last few years, in several different areas of activity. She shows great creativity and adapts very quickly to the environment of each project. Her responsiveness is impressive and her advice is always very relevant.

sandrine moreira, directrice projets grands comptes télégrafik

With Kristina, we have the wonderful feeling of having a star of mobile design and marketing in our team on a daily basis. Thanks to the quality of her work and her responsiveness, we've been able to take our mobile applications to world-class levels!

Guillaume Martin, Pictarine

It's rare to find a creative studio of this quality. Kristina understood our project straight away and the result is unbeatable. You'll appreciate her professionalism, talent, creativity and availability.

Gérald Lonlas, Overblog

Sérieux's availability, responsiveness, professionalism and good understanding of our needs made the graphic design process much easier, and helped us to define a clean, modern graphic identity that we're delighted with.

Julien Henot, 123 horaires et calendeev

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